To send money to a Nigeria Naira bank account, you can first convert your CAD balance on the app to your Naira balance. 

Please follow the steps below to transfer funds from your CAD balance to your destination Naira account in Nigeria:

Step 1: Update your app to the latest version of the Lemonade Finance App here.

Step 2: Fund your CAD balance using the Interac e-Transfer method. Please follow the steps here to fund via Interac.

Step 3: Open a Naira account by clicking on the open account button beside your CAD balance and select Nigerian Naira.

Step 4: Convert your CAD balance to Naira using the convert button at the bottom of the app and enter the amount you want to change to Naira and complete the conversion.

  • Click on "CONVERT" at the bottom of the homepage 
  • Enter the amount in CAD to convert to NGN
  • Click the button below the page to convert 

Step 5: Once you have money in your Naira account, click on the send button at the bottom of the app then

  • Select the LOCAL tab at the top of the page.
  • Enter the amount to send in the input field.

Step 6: Select the drop-down in front of the CAD and select Nigerian naira so you can send from your Naira account and put the Naira amount you want to send.

  • Swap the balance to NGN balance by clicking on the CAD flag to change the balance.

Step 7: Send and select “send via bank” or “send to bank” to put your beneficiary bank details.

Step 8: Enter the bank details of the recipient account to send money to them or send it to other Lemonade Finance users in your contact list.

Step 9: Review and confirm the transfer to the recipient account. The recipient should receive the funds in less than 5 minutes in their bank account.

Kindly contact if you have any questions or need help sending money.