We’ll show you the available payment methods when you’re funding your account for your transfer. Lemonade provides Naira virtual NUBAN accounts for Nigerian Lemonade account holders to fund their accounts from any bank in Nigeria. 

What are Naira virtual NUBAN accounts? 

A Virtual NUBAN is a regular Nigerian bank account that receives and holds money. The Virtual NUBAN’s provided by Lemonade Finance is connected to safeguarded bank accounts held at our partner bank. 

Is the Virtual NUBAN in my name?

Yes, the Virtual NUBAN is issued to your registered name on the Lemonade Finance app. Receiving funds would be to your beneficiary name registered on the app.

How do I create my virtual account on Lemonade?

Please follow the steps below to create your virtual NUBAN account: 

Step 1: Login into your Lemonade account.

Step 2: Click on “Fund wallet” to fund your wallet

Step 3: Provide your Bank Verification Number BVN (We are required by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to verify your identity with your BVN before we can create a virtual NUBAN account. This is the normal procedure required to open an account.)

Step 4: Submit your registered date of birth to verify your BVN. Please make sure your date of birth is the same as the DOB registered with your BVN. 

Step 5: Verify your BVN

Step 6: After successfully verifying your BVN, a virtual NUBAN account is created for you. 

Your virtual account is a normal Nigerian bank account so you can send and receive money to this account like a normal Nigerian account. See below to fund your account via your issued virtual NUBAN account:

Fund your issued virtual NUBAN account by sending money from any Nigerian bank into this account. Your account number and registered name are your bank account information. 

Are my funds safe?

Yes, Lemonade Finance operates our customer's funds strictly in safeguarding bank accounts within its banking network.

What currencies does the Virtual NUBAN support?

You can send, receive and hold Naira in your Virtual NUBAN account number