Lemonade Finance is a cross-border money transfer service based in Canada that lets you send money from Canada to Nigeria. 

So how does it work? 

Step 1 - Click to go to the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore or search for Lemonade Finance on the Google Playstore or Appstore. 

Step 2 - Click download or install to download the Lemonade Finance app to your phone 

Step 3 - After installing the app. Launch the app to open it. 

Step 4 - Click on "create an account" to create an account. 

Step 5 - Enter your valid Canadian phone number to verify your phone number. 

Step 6 - Enter the OTP sent to your mobile device message box. 

Step 7 - Verify your phone number and proceed to provide your account information like legal first name, legal surname, legal middle name, city, address, postal code, and a valid email address. 

Step 8 - Create and confirm a 4 digit PIN to secure your account. 

Step 9 -  Now check your email box (spam folder or inbox)  for our email to verify your email. 

Now you are all set up 

How does verification work? 

We usually verify your identity with a photo ID and a selfie of yourself to verify your account.  This policy is in line with a financial regulation commonly known as 'Know Your Customer (KYC) or 'Customer Due Diligence' (CDD) and is the process of a business verifying the identity of its customers. It is simply an anti-corruption and fraud measure. Lemonade Technology Limited, Canada, is registered and regularised by the Financial Transactions and Report Analysis Centre of Canada as a Money Service Business. MSB registration number: M20383642.

Please follow the steps below to verify your identity in less than 3 minutes:

Step 1 - Login into your Lemonade Finance account and the homepage.

Step 2 - You will see a call to action to upload your verification document on the homepage.

Step 3 - Click on the upload document button.

Step 4 - Please follow the prompt to provide a valid proof of Identity

Step 5 - Your account will be verified immediately.

What types of documents does Lemonade Finance accept?

A valid ID document can be:

  • Passport (photo page only)
  • Permanent residence card.
  • National ID card (we only accept the most recent version of the Nigerian national ID card)
  • Driver's license 

How does selfie verification work?

We ask our customers for selfie verification which requires you to upload a picture of yourself (a selfie) and to confirm the liveliness of the selfie.

How long does verification take?

Our identity and compliance team will start reviewing your documents once we have received the verification request within 24 hours. When successfully verified, we'll let you know by email.

You can send us an email at support@lemonade.finance if you require more information or need us to verify your urgently.