We all make mistakes.  The fastest way to fix this is by canceling the transfer by reaching out to us. You can then set up a new transfer using the correct bank details.

Whether or not you can cancel depends on how far along your transfer is in our system. So before you get started, check the status of your transfer from your transfer history.

  • You can cancel your transfer if your money’s being processed.

Contact your recipient if your transfer’s successful.

Our transfer process is fast — and sometimes it’s too late to cancel. Once it’s marked as a success, the money is out of the Lemonade Finance system and into the banking system. So if the transfer is a success:

  • Get in touch with the person you’re paying
  • Tell them how you got their bank details wrong
  • Ask them to contact their bank and find out whether the money can still be delivered, or whether their bank will send it back to Lemonade Finance

Tip: If the bank sends your money back to us, we’ll get in touch with you via email. You can then choose to set up your transfer with the correct bank details, or cancel your transfer and get a refund.