We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. We’ll always tell you upfront when your money should arrive and typically transfers to Nigeria should arrive in under 10 minutes. Once your transfer’s on its way, we’ll send you updates via email. 

Here are some reasons why your transfer might be delayed.

Weekends and holidays might slow things down - Once we’ve received your money, we convert it to the new currency and send it out. This is the quickest part. But banking hours, weekends, and public holidays are out of our control — so this might slow down the process.

System downtime or network stability at the bank - issues like this could mean a longer time for the recipient to receive the credit. After we send your money out to your recipient’s bank, they’ll process and clear the money. But some banks are faster than others. At this point, the money’s out of our system, but the bank should be able to help.

You can reach us via email support@lemonade.finance or create a ticket on the app. We will receive your request and one of our support team members will be able to assist with the issue immediately. Our support team members are empowered to provide their best support and work fast to reach a comfortable resolution so you have no worries.